Federal Legislative Information

Prior to contacting a Montana congressional office, please contact Vice President for Research Scott Whittenburg.  While you are encouraged to work directly with the Montana federal delegation and federal agencies, please keep the vice president advised. Because this office is often contacted by delegation staff after conversations with, or requests by, University faculty or staff, it is very helpful to be kept in the information loop. Additionally, the vice president will be able to identify the most appropriate staff member to handle your issue, advise you regarding your approach, and assist in scheduling your Washington meetings with the delegation or federal agencies.

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Scott Whittenburg
Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship
phone: (406) 243-6670

Lobbying regulations and UM requirements

When writing to Congress to express personal opinions, use personal letterhead and not that of the University. Similarly, if you write at the request of another organization for non-University-related business, use personal letterhead or that of the organization.

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