Prospective Post-Docs and Graduate Students

I am always interested in hearing from motivated graduate students and post-docs. As you can guess from this website, I’m most excited by folks who are ready to leap into a collaborative environment where fieldwork, computational modeling, and genetic analyses all play key roles to help us understand big conservation biology questions.

Prospective students should contact me by email with a brief description of specifically how your research interests, background and career goals intersect with things that we do here in my lab. Please include GRE scores and a CV/resume with contact information for references. If you don’t hear back from me try again after a little while.


We believe strongly in providing ‘hands-on’ experiences for undergraduate students in our projects; this may include Honors and Senior Thesis research projects. Please contact either Dr. Mills or others in the Mills lab group for more Information.


Our research offers a wide array of volunteering opportunities for those hoping to gain basic field or lab experience. If you are considering volunteering please email Alex for volunteering in the field or Marketa for any other volunteering opportunities or general questions.

We would like to thank the 100+ volunteers that have contributed to research projects in our lab over the years. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. THANK YOU!!!