Alex Kumar presents his MS thesis research at the TWS 2015 conference in Winnipeg

 Last week I had the privilege of attending The Wildlife Society’s 22nd Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was also given the opportunity to share our research by giving a talk called, “The Cascading Effects of Circannual Phenologies Across Trophic Levels – How Western Larch affect the Coat Color Molt in Snowshoe Hares.” The conference went great and I received insightful questions about my talk and also learned more about hares in places such as Pennsylvania and Maine. It was also a great chance to catch up with friends and colleagues at different universities especially the crew from UM who helped so much with this project! It wasn’t all work at the conference though, as we also got to explore all that Winnipeg had to offer including sampling their famous poutine. It was delicious! All in all it was a great trip and a fantastic experience. Thanks to Scott and the Southeastern Section of TWS who provided a travel grant to fund this trip! And be sure to check out the TWS conference next year as it will be hosted right here in Raleigh!!!


-Alex Kumar


Image: Alex presenting at the conference