Alex Kumar successfully defends MS thesis and heads to India for the summer

The Mills Lab is proud to report that MS student Alex Kumar successfully defended his master’s thesis on the “Effects of Dynamic Forest Structure on Vital Rates, Behavior and the Seasonal Molt of the Snowshoe Hare” last Friday.   We are also excited to announce that Alex is staying on with the Mills Lab for his PhD work.

 After celebrating with the lab, friends and family over the weekend, Alex left Raleigh for Bangalore, India, where he will be spending the summer working with Dr. Ullas Karanth and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS India).  With funding from USAID GROW (Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide) through his NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Alex will be assisting Dr. Karanth with the analysis of a long term population dataset for tigers, leopards and other species in the Western Ghats of India.  He will also be traveling to Assam province to explore further research opportunities with Dr. KK Sharma, an elephant expert and professor of veterinary medicine at Assam Agricultural University, in Guwahati, India.  Dr. Sharma works with Lisa Mills on the Elephants on the Line project, and was hosted by the Mills Lab in April for a series of seminars and talks in North Carolina and Washington, DC.


 Congratulations and good luck this summer Alex!