Dr. Marcella Kelly visits NCSU and the Mills Lab

Last week the Mills Lab was excited to host Dr. Marcella Kelly, Associate Professor in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech for the FER seminar series here at NCSU, where she gave a talk “Non-invasive Sampling Provides Insights into Carnivore Co-Existence Ecology via Mark-Recapture, Occupancy, and Genetic Connectivity for Jaguars, Tigers, and Fossa” to a packed audience of faculty, students and members of the public.   Dr. Kelly is one of the true pioneers of non-invasive sampling of wildlife, especially using remote cameras, as well as one of Scott’s long-term friends and collaborators in the field.  During her brief but packed stay in Raleigh, Dr. Kelly was also able to meet with several groups of graduate students and faculty members to further discuss her research, as well as to share some great stories from her fieldwork in places as diverse as Belize, Nepal, Madagascar, Africa and Sumatra.  It was amazing to host such a star in our field, and we look forward to seeing her again soon!