Hare Lab Down Under

Last week we were privileged to be visited by leading environmental scientist Dr. Barry Brook from the University of Adelaide in Australia. http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/barry.brookhttp://bravenewclimate.com

 Barry gave two talks to students and researchers here at NC State. The first talk focused on using meta models to help answer some of ecology’s harder questions. The second provided an extremely compelling case for nuclear energy. How does a world famous ecologist become a nuclear energy advocate you might wonder? I had the same thought and when I asked him he said that he first became involved in modeling alternative energy fuels focusing on renewable ones. However, it soon became clear to him the nuclear energy was the way to go. To learn more about his work with nuclear energy see his blog at bravenewclimate.com.

In exchange for exposing us to all of his fascinating research we showed him the wonders of authentic North Carolina BBQ and home cooking! We also made it out to the field and explored Hanging Rock State Park. The birds were well represented with sightings of an immature Cooper’s hawk, ravens, turkey vultures and several warbler species — thanks in part to Barry’s astronomy binoculars! It wouldn’t be North Carolina if we didn’t show Barry some salamanders. We managed to find a Slimy Salamander and various Desmognathus spp. Scott also located a couple of five-lined skinks while Marketa caught a giant crayfish. All in all it was a pretty good wildlife day!

All of us here at NC State thoroughly enjoyed the visit with Barry Brook! I have a feeling our paths will not cross again before too long…


* by Alex Kumar