MS student Brandon Davis’ pilot research in West Virginia

Below is an update from our new MS student Brandon Davis on his pilot study in West Virginia.  Brandon will be preparing his proposal and getting ready for more field work soon!

From August 2014 to January 2015 I conducted a pilot project in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest to determine if weasels could be monitored with remote cameras and to obtain preliminary coat color data on hares and weasels. I trapped and radio-collared 19 hares during the six month pilot project. After tracking hares with VHF telemetry, I photographed each hare, compiling more than 400 pictures of the hare color molt. I also had success monitoring weasel activity. With seven remote cameras, I compiled over 30 trap nights with a weasel on camera. Here are a few of the pics:

4954_3_WV_Gaudineer-Knob_Nov_25_2014-150x150.jpg             4959_2_WV_Gaudineer-Knob_Oct_20_2014-150x150.jpg             4960_2_WV_Gaudineer-Knob_Nov_18_2014-150x150.jpg

A0449_1_WV_Gaudineer-Knob_Sep_5_2014-150x150.jpg             MuFr_1_WV_Virgin-Spruce_Nov_16_2014-150x150.jpg             MuFr_4_WV_Virgin-Spruce_Nov_15_2014-150x150.jpg

MuNi_3_WV_Lambert-Run_Dec_20_2014-150x150.jpg             MuNi_4_WV_Lambert-Run_Dec_20_2014-150x150.jpg