Mills Lab featured in new SciShow video with Hank Green

two hares

Check out the September 26, 2018 SciShow for Hank Green's chat with Scott and undergrad hare whisperer Lindsey Barnard about evolutionary rescue, hair hare, weasel fur, and more!  One of our research hares also makes a brief appearance (until she hopped off the couch and cruised around the studio).  We are thrilled to be included on Hank Green's SciShow because it's an incredibly effective platform for outreach of science to the world.  SciShow has >5 million subscribers, and almost a billion views on Youtube.  




Image 1 - One of our captive snowshoe hares makes an appearance


Image 2 - The difference between hares and rabbits is also explained in the video (domestic rabbits in this image)