Snowshoe hares: spring white to brown molt

This was originally posted in May 2013, but these photos of four healthy captive hares the lab monitored from January to May of that year are a great example of what the molting process looks like, and worth sharing again.

img_5025-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5028-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5295-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5321-1024x768-150x150.jpg 

img_5358-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5373-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5388-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5438-1024x768-150x150.jpg

img_5458-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5604-1024x768-150x150.jpg    img_5627-1024x768-150x150.jpg