The Mills’ Lab is Paying It Forward


This week our post was written  by Lindsay Clontz, an undergraduate in the Mills Lab who has been working closely with Post-doc Dr. Diana Lafferty:

I began working in the Mills’ lab in January 2016, filling out a database with past field data from snowshoe hare trapping done in Montana and Washington. As I got acquainted, I began seeking more involvement in the lab. A month later, I began working with Dr. Lafferty on an Environmental Effects study. I immediately felt like I had found my niche at NC State; I was working on something meaningful. Overtime, as the study unfolded, Dr. Lafferty has given me so many opportunities to gain experience, and I have learned so much beyond the underlying scientific components. The time and dedication she has put into my experience, and the confidence and responsibilities she has entrusted me with are just incredible. Dr. Lafferty is just representative of the whole team, for they are all ready to share their knowledge and opportunities with others no matter their status. The experience of undergraduate research and interaction with upper level individuals in this lab, with this team, will affect how I approach scientific questions, team work, education, and mentorship for the rest of my life. Therefore, the legacy of paying it forward will continue.


Image: Dr. Lafferty and Lindsay working in the hare facility