The Mills lab welcomes two new Postdocs – Dr. Diana Lafferty and Dr. Eugenia Bragina


In May the Mills lab welcomed two new post-docs, Dr. Diana Lafferty and Dr. Eugenia Bragina.  Dr.  Lafferty recently completed her PhD on the evolutionary and ecological causes and consequences of trophic niche variation in grizzly and black bears at Mississippi State University.  In the Mills lab Dr. Lafferty will be working with the snowshoe hare facility.  She has already proven to be a valuable mentor to graduate students in the lab, offering a lot of great guidance and insights from her considerable experience in behavioral, evolutionary and physiological ecology, as well as her work with large carnivores.

Dr. Bragina, originally from Russia, is coming to us from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she worked as a Postdoc in the Spatial Analysis for Conservation and Sustainability lab on population modeling of Russian game species.  Here at NC State, she will be working on population and habitat modeling of wildlife species at Fort Bragg, NC.  Dr. Bragina is also keen to support the labs’ work in global coat-color phenology, particularly with those species occurring in Russia, eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We are very excited to have Drs. Lafferty and Bragina join our team and look forward to working together now that they are both officially here!