Active Membership

Through a joint effort of Human Resource Services and the Alumni Office, a new process has been developed to manage the UMRA membership database. If you retired in 2011 or later, your name is already included in the database. If you retired prior to 2011 and wish to join the Association, please email Retirees can choose to opt out of the Association at any time. Spouses or partners of retirees are always welcome to participate in UMRA activities and events. We use your current UM email address to keep in contact, so please notify the Alumni Office at should you wish to use a different email address.

Anticipated Benefits

Anticipated benefits include:

  • planned social occasions such as luncheons, lecture series and excursions
  • retiree interest groups
  • opportunities for volunteerism and service to the University and the community
  • clarification and enhancement of retiree benefits

Currently, there are no membership dues, but very modest dues might be necessary in the future to maintain financial integrity. Mailings about Association events will only be sent to members.