Learn the Signs, Act Early

What is Act Early Montana?

The Act Early Montana program has 3 components:

  • Health Education
  • Act Early Ambassador Initiative
  • Research and Evaluation 

Health Education

Promote the awareness of:

  • Healthy developmental milestones in early childhood
  • The importance of tracking each child’s development
  • The importance of acting early if there are concerns

Health Education for Families

Health Education for Providers

Act Early Ambassador Initiative

Collaborate with state partners to improve Montana’s early childhood system by:

  • Improving screening and referral to early intervention services
  • Promoting “Learn the Signs. Act Early” messages and tools to improve early identification

Research and Evaluation

  • Improve outreach materials and strategies
  • Improve implementation activities
  • Increase our understanding of the factors that influence early identification and referral

baby boy plying with toyes