Act Early Montana

Act Early Montana

How to Track Your Child’s Milestones

CDC Milestone Tracker App

User-friendly mobile app (iOS and Android), available in English and Spanish. The mobile Milestones Tracker App includes milestone checklists, videos of milestones in action, and recommendations for what to do when you have a concern about your child’s development.

Milestone Checklists

Complete a milestone checklist for your child’s age to track and celebrate the milestones that he or she is reaching.

Milestones in Action

Watch videos or see photo examples of important developmental milestones that children should reach from 2 months to 5 years of age.


Amazing books for Families!

baby busy day book coverBaby’s Busy Day-Being One is So Much Fun! This is a story of a one-year old puppy who is having a very busy day!  Keep an eye out for the paw prints to learn what one-year-old milestones to look for in your baby, and the hearts for tips on how you can help.

Download the book as a PDF in English pdf [19 MB, 11 Pages] or Spanish pdf [19 MB, 11 Pages]


 where is bear book coverWhere is Bear?- A Terrific Tale for 2-Year-Olds. Where is Bear? Is a terrific tale for 2-year old children and their parents! This interactive book encourages children to help Tiger and his forest friends in the search to find Bear.

Download the book as a PDF in English pdf [27 MB, 11 Pages] or Spanish pdf [27 MB, 11 Pages]


amazing me book coverAmazing Me—It’s Busy Being 3! In this story, a 3-year-old kangaroo shows what he can do in one AMAZING day. This children’s book teaches parents developmental milestones as they read to their child. 

Download the book as a PDF in English pdf [29 MB, 38 Pages] or Spanish pdf [6 MB, 38 Pages]