Act Early Montana

Act Early Montana

Four Steps of Early Identification

Parent Engaged Monitoring

Parent engaged monitoring is when a parent or primary caregiver observes how a child plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves over time using a checklist of typical developmental milestones.

General Developmental and Autism Screening

Developmental screening takes a closer look a child’s development using a standardized, validated screening tool to determine if there may be a delay and need for further assessment. 

Referral for Early Intervention Services

Referral for early intervention services (before age 5) evaluates a child’s eligibility for intervention services such as special education and related services. 

Receipt of Early Intervention

Receiving early intervention services refers to those services and supports that help children and their families manage developmental delays and promote optimal development.  Public services are delivered through Home Visiting, Early Head Start/Head Start, Part C, and Part B, 619 of IDEA.