Understanding the Sensory Needs of Pediatric Dental Patients on the Spectrum

This presentation, created in partnership with an occupational therapist, shares information and practical ideas for dental teams to consider that will make the experience of dental care for patients with sensory issues easier for everyone involved. This presentation features the broader statistical perspective explaining who CYSHCN (Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs) in Montana are and what extenuating circumstances they may be dealing with, sensory education by an OT, and the parent perspective.

Genetics Pop-up

genetic pop-upGenetics Pop-up is a small gathering held in the local community, led by a genetic ambassador with personal experience in genetic testing. The MT F2F genetic ambassador, Jenn Banna, is trained to lead discussion about genetic testing with families, and share resources and contacts with families interested in testing and those who work with families impacted by genetic conditions.

Serving on Groups that Make Decisions: A Guide for Families

 The MT F2F, in partnership with the MT Parent Training and Information Center, conducted this training in spring of 2020. This training is designed to help families learn about types of groups, group dynamics and strategies, and how to use data. The training is meant to help families be stronger members of IEP and 504 teams, boards, and committees.