The Rural Institute and Montana Aging and Disability Partners Work Together to Share COVID-19 Information

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September 8, 2021

The Administration on Community Living (ACL) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are funding local trusted disability and aging partners to build vaccine confidence.

In Montana, ACL/CDC funding supports the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, the Montana Developmental Disabilities Council, Disability Rights Montana, Montana Centers for Independent Living, Area Agencies on Aging, and Aging and Disability Resource Centers. These funded partners are coordinating activities to connect people with disabilities and older adults to vaccination resources.

The COVID-19 outreach partners have developed public service announcements. Click on the link to review Anna Haslund's message encouraging people to visit with their health care providers about vaccines.  To find more general COVID-19 information information, information specific to COVID-19 and disability, and vaccination resources, visit our COVID-19 Resources for People with Disabilities page.

Anna Haslund YouTube video about Making Healthcare Decisions

Anna Haslund video Spanish translation

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Montana Aging and Disability COVID-19 Outreach Public Service Announcements

MILP: That’s Why I Got My Vaccine video 1
Tagline: GetYours@MTCDD.ORG
MILP video 1 Spanish translation (PDF)

MILP: That’s Why I Got My Vaccine video 2
Tagline: GetYours@MTCDD.ORG
MILP video 2 Spanish translation (PDF)

Dr. Carey Phelan -- Internal Medicine -- Delta video 1
Vimeo Link:

Dr. Carey Phelan -- Internal Medicine -- Delta video 2
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Dr. Carey Phelan -- Internal Medicine -- Goal
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