Bryce Ward


Dr. Ward has a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.  He currently serves as the RTC:Rural Statistical Consultant, where he brings experience in labor economics, health economics, social economics, and statistics and econometrics to our research. 



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Current Projects


Exploring Rural Disability Onset (lead)

In order to understand rural and urban differences in disability rates, we need to understand how disability evolves and what influences disability severity outcomes. If disability evolves differently in different places, these differences may provide insight into the nature and context of rural disability and may help inform interventions.


Expanding the Availability and Quality of Rural Data

In order to create effective policies and programs it is important to have data, such as demographic information and location, about people with disabilities in rural communities. It can be difficult to access rural disability data from the large data sets maintained by the federal government. To address this, RTC:Rural is partnering with StatsRRTC to provide annual rural data for the Disability Compendium and conduct rural analyses of existing large data sets.


Effort Capacity and Choice: Exploring a Dynamic Model of Participation

Participating in the community requires effort, and people vary in how much they spend before needing rest. As a result, everyone must make choices about what activities they spend their effort on. In this project, we will examine the relationship between personal effort and community participation by implementing two unique interventions (bathing modifications and a physical exercise program) and studying their impacts on the choices people make.