Who We Are


Catherine Ipsen 
RTC:Rural Director, 
Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities Associate Director

headshot of a smiling woman with shoulder-length dark hair


Tracy Boehm Barrett
Director of Knowledge Translation


headshot of a smiling woman indoors


Justice Ender 
Communications Associate


man speaking into hand-held microphone


Gilbert Gimm
Project Director

Man smiling with glasses and a brown suit


Lillie Greiman
Project Director

woman speaking into hand-held microphone


Jeff Gutierrez
Knowledge Translation Coordinator

man with brown hair and salt-and-pepper beard with a plaid shirt


Tannis Hargrove
Project Director

headshot of woman with dark curly hair


Amy Lariviere
Training Coordinator

Amy Lariviere - a woman with brown hair in a ponytail with a floral dress leaning against a brick wall


Ari Lissau 
Research Assistant

woman standing outside with snow-covered mountain in background


Andrew Myers 
Project Director

man with reddish hair wearing a red and white sweater standing in front of a brick wall


Rayna Sage
Project Director

woman wearing a ball cap on a hike in the woods


Krys Standley 
Research Associate

headshot of woman with long blond hair standing outside


Meg Ann Traci
Research Associate Professor

woman smiling at the camera, standing in front of a waterfall.