Jeff Gutierrez

Knowledge Translation Coordinator

Jeff Gutierrez joined the knowledge translation team at RTC:Rural in October 2021. He has a BA in Sociology from the University of California-Riverside and received his MA in Sociology: Rural and Environmental Change from the University of Montana.

Jeff is a multifaceted professional that delights in deconstructing concepts and generating abstract connections to synthesize ideas into a coherent whole. His diverse professional background includes technical writing, quality improvement and accreditation, community development, program development and management, and organizational leadership.

He is fascinated by society and culture, context and perspective, and the anomalous place they meet to produce the vast human experience. Jeff has thorough experience working within rural communities and enthusiastically helps apply research to encourage action, broaden participation, and foster innovation to improve the lives of people with disabilities in rural communities.



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(406) 243-2515

Current Projects

Rural Disability Hub for COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach

Connecting with rural partners to promote COVID-19 vaccination

The Rural Disability Hub for COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach is a partnership with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD), and our rural disability champions, to address structural barriers to vaccination and improve rural understandings about COVID-19 and vaccination issues affecting people with disability. We will use local focus groups to: 1) curate community-informed and materials and outreach strategies, and 2) develop recommendations for addressing structural barriers to vaccination. The Hub will disseminate rural outreach materials and strategies through multiple established disability, health care, public health, and other partners at the local, state and national levels, and will share information and lessons learned through the AUCD network.