Justice Ender

Communications Associate

Justice Ender has been a Communications Associate at the Rural Institute of the University of Montana since 2016.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Montana, and previously worked at a Center for Independent Living.

Justice has spent the last decade in various roles as an advocate for people with disabilities, and is proud to be a Montanan and a person with a disability.



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(406) 243-4512

Current Projects

Healthy Community Living

Healthy Community Living is a project to develop a multi-media health promotion program to improve people’s health and wellbeing that provides support, health promotion, education and opportunities for people with disabilities to succeed in reaching personal goals. It includes multiple curricula that blend in-person program delivery with online social engagement and website materials.


 Personal Assistant Services in Rural America

In partnership with the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL) and providers of rural home- and community-based services, the Personal Assistant Services project aims to identify how personal assistant services are associated with community participation in urban and rural places.


 Rural Community Living Development

Rural Community Living Development logoThe goal of the Rural Community Living Development project is to partner with the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL) to develop and implement a peer to peer mentor training for CILs that prepares staff to work on community development activities in rural areas. The outcome of this process will be better support for rural people with disabilities to live independently in their communities by accessing NIDILRR-funded community living resources.


Knowledge Translation

RTC: Rural’s Knowledge Translation (KT) and Resource Center program is a national resource for rural people with disabilities, their families, and service providers. The Center communicates our research findings to a broad audience to facilitate knowledge use and adoption to result in increased community participation of people with disabilities and the development of solutions to rural problems.


 Living Well in the Community App

Living Well in the Community (LWC) is a health promotion program within the Healthy Community Living set of programs developed by the RTC:Rural. This program is typically conducted with groups of consumers either online or in person using multimedia content that is online. To increase the availability of the LWC online content, we are using funding from the App Factory grant to the Shepherd Center (90DPHF0004) to make all program content available in an app that participants can use. Some people may use the app to support their learning in the LWC class while others may choose to work through the content on the app on their own.


Project CONNECT: Online peer support to reduce social isolation

Project CONNECT logoProject CONNECT will develop an online curriculum that community-based agencies can use to help people with disabilities living in the community develop social networks to reduce social isolation and loneliness, which causes increased health risks and has been made more severe by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.