Krys Standley

Research Associate

Krys Standley holds a M.S. in Community Health and Prevention Sciences, and a B.A. in Psychology, both from the University of Montana, and is certified as a health education specialist. She began working with the RTC:Rural in 2017 as a graduate research assistant, and completed her master's thesis on an RTC project, evaluating the effects of a health-promotion intervention on health behavior change, personal sense of meaning, and hope.

In her work, she uses qualitative and quantitative research methods and participatory research processes. Her research interests include rural health and community participation.

Krys lived in rural and remote parts of Montana before moving to Missoula in 2013. Prior to joining the RTC:Rural, she worked with at-risk youth populations.



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Current Projects

 Personal Assistant Services in Rural America

In partnership with the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL) and providers of rural home- and community-based services, the Personal Assistant Services project aims to identify how personal assistant services are associated with community participation in urban and rural places.


 Healthy Community Living

Healthy Community Living is a project to develop a multi-media health promotion program to improve people’s health and wellbeing that provides support, health promotion, education and opportunities for people with disabilities to succeed in reaching personal goals. It includes multiple curricula that blend in-person program delivery with online social engagement and website materials.


National Survey for Health and Disability

In partnership with the University of Kansas Institute on Health and Disability Policy Studies, this longitudinal survey aims to provide detailed information for US adults with disabilities about their experiences with health care services and health insurance. This project is part of the Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living.


Knowledge Translation

RTC: Rural’s Knowledge Translation (KT) and Resource Center program is a national resource for rural people with disabilities, their families, and service providers. The Center communicates our research findings to a broad audience to facilitate knowledge use and adoption to result in increased community participation of people with disabilities and the development of solutions to rural problems.