Reaching Consumers During COVID-19 with the Healthy Community Living Program

April 16, 2020

The Healthy Community Living (HCL) Program is a collection of workshops that support opportunities for all people to live well and participate in their communities.

HCL is usually delivered through in-person workshops. Since in-person delivery of services is not recommended or not permitted right now as we all live with the presence of COVID-19, we’re sharing some ways to make HCL available to consumers remotely.


Limited offer: Access HCL for free now through May 1

To help provide another way for people to connect to peer support, and also for CIL staff to access professional development trainings they can do on their own time, HCL is offering a free one-year license, now through May 1.

To redeem this offer, go to the Program Licensing page on the HCL website. Click on the “Purchase Healthy Community Living License” button, and use the promo code BUILDCOMMUNITY for your free one-year license.

NOTE: This offer is only for organizations who do not have a current HCL license. If your organization has purchased a license earlier in the year, HCL thanks you for your support that goes to website creation and maintenance of the online workshops.

Also: Please only purchase one license per site, and be mindful of who should be managing your license so when the one-year license expires renewal reminders go to the correct staff!


What is Healthy Community Living?

HCL is made of two separate but complementary workshops: Community Living Skills (CLS) and Living Well in the Community. These workshops are put on and facilitated by peer-advocates at Centers for Independent Living and other disability-focused organizations.

  • Community Living Skills introduces topics related to living independently in the community, including disability identity, housing, budgeting & finance, transportation, time use, and more.
  • Living Well in the Community guides participants to set and achieve personal life goals by adopting healthy lifestyle choices to help get them there. 

Bonus Facilitator Training!

Don’t have any experienced group facilitators at your organization? Peer-advocates can learn how to become facilitators with HCL’s bonus training: Facilitating Groups.

This training workshop isn’t HCL specific, and can be useful for any staff facilitating group work at your organization, not only these workshops. This workshop is go-at-your-own pace, and is a great professional development opportunity for CIL staff who may be working remotely right now.


Want to learn more?

Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living

Check out this webinar, hosted by our partners at the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL), where HCL facilitators discuss running HCL workshops:

Webinar: HCL: IL Skill Training in a Click

  • Learn how these online workshops work
  • Get a taste of two modules from Community Living Skills
  • Hear from partner CILs about their experiences using the new HCL workshops

Adapting HCL for remote use

Ready to get started using HCL to connect with consumers? Here are some ideas on how to hold HCL workshops remotely:

  • Over the internet:
    • Facilitate workshops using online meeting software like Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and others. We have instructions on how to use Zoom on the bottom of the HCL website homepage.
  • On the phone:
    • Facilitate the HCL workshop content over the phone for consumers who may not have internet or devices to engage online.

Not sure if those would work for you? We’re happy to help you brainstorm other ways to connect with consumers and deliver HCL remotely. Creative problem solving can come from idea sharing! We are happy to connect with you during this challenging time.

Email for more information and guidance on how HCL might work for your CIL and the consumers you serve.