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Group of people with and without disabilities at a group event

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are community based nonprofit organizations designed and operated by people with disabilities to support people with disabilities to live independently in their communities. Most CIL offices are located in urban areas, but they also serve rural areas through satellite offices and outreach activities. 

Rural communities often lack services and resources to support the independent living and participation of people with disabilities. However, where and when available, CILs are service-based organizations who serve as key players in the community to best understand and communicate the issues and barriers faced by their constituents. They are well-positioned to connect with local rural stakeholders to work towards positive change, fill service gaps, and coordinate efforts to benefit community members with disabilities.

For more information about CILs, see ILRU's Directory of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and Associations

Tools, Resources, and Publications


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Exploring access to independent living services for people with disabilities through a transportation network analysis

June 2021 | Kourtney B. Johnson, Lillie Greiman, Christiane VonReichert & Billy Altom
Journal of Policy Studies | online access


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A comparative analysis of Center for Independent Living staff and board of directors regarding CIL services and consumer participation

March 2017 | Craig Ravesloot, Glen White, Chiaki Gonda-Kotani & Kelsey Shinnick
Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community | online access and PDF



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A guide for creating a community resource map 

May 2014 | Lillie Greiman & Tracy Boehm
Rural Institute | PDF


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Center for Independent Living services and their effect on community participation: Measuring CIL services 

2011 |  Glen White & Craig Ravesloot
KU Research & Training Center on Independent Living | video and factsheet


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Nursing home emancipation: A preliminary study of efforts by Centers for Independent Living in urban and rural areas 

October 2011 | Tom Seekins, Craig Ravesloot, Marsha Katz, Bob Liston, Mike Oxford, Billy Altom, Glen White, Richard Petty & Bob Kafka
Disability and Health Journal | online access and PDF


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Moving from independence to interdependence: A conceptual model for better understanding community participation of Centers for Independent Living Consumers

2010 | Glen White, Jamie Lloyd Simpson, Chiaki Gonda, Craig Ravesloot & Zach Coble
Journal of Disability Policy Studies | PDF