Man using a wheelchair and his wife outside their accessible home


Fewer barriers at home can enable more opportunities for participation in the community. When people live in homes that do not meet their needs, the home environment becomes a barrier.  For instance, many people with mobility impairments live in homes with stairs or inaccessible bathrooms, which makes it difficult to perform activities of daily living and requires more energy to do so. 

Our housing research examines strategies to improve the home environment so that individuals have expanded opportunities to participate.


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 On the Home Usability Program website you can learn about home usability and the role it can play in independent living. You also can explore how to make your home more usable for you.

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Tools, Resources, and Publications


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Is the presence of home entrance steps associated with community participation of people with mobility impairments?

August 2021 | Craig Ravesloot, Andrew Myers, Lillie Greiman, Bryce Ward, Kelsey Shinnick & Jean Hall | Disability and Health Journal | PDF

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Effects of a consumer driven home modification intervention on community participation for people with mobility disabilities

August 2021 | Lillie Greiman, Craig Ravesloot, Kelsey Shinnick-Goddard & Bryce Ward
Disability and Health Journal | PDF


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Chapter 1: Community starts at home: Toward equitable housing for people with disabilities

October 2019 | Andrew Myers, Lillie Greiman, Brendan Hogg, Rayna Sage & Craig Ravesloot
Society, Space, and Social Justice: Geographies of Intersectionality | Book chapter


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Life starts at home: Bathing, exertion and participation for people with mobility impairment

July 2018 | Lillie Greiman, S. Parker Fleming, Bryce Ward, Andrew Myers & Craig Ravesloot
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation | PDF


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Infographics for home and community accessibility in the American Housing Survey

2014| University of Kansas Research & Training Center on Independent Living (RTC/IL) & RTC:Rural
RTC/IL | PDF; text-only


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Visitability testimonies increase affordable, accessible housing in Montana 

2011 | Meg Traci, R. Licitra & E. Smith
National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Division of Human Development and Disability | PDF

See Large Data Set Analyses: Housing for fact sheets and research briefs that explore national housing data.