Group of disabled and nondisabled people getting into accessible van


Nearly 30 years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the lack of accessible public transportation is still a major barrier to employment, healthcare access, and other aspects of community participation for people with disabilities. Transportation is critical to maintaining employment and social connections in rural areas. Isolation, which can result from a lack of transportation, contributes to poor physical and mental health.

Though public transportation barriers exist in both urban and rural places, there is a striking lack of knowledge about how people with disabilities access and use transportation in their rural communities.

Tools, Resources, and Publications


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Toolkit for Operating a Rural Transportation Voucher Program 

1999; updated 2017 | RTC:Rural and the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living
online access; PDF; Excel



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Section 5310 transportation state management plans: A baseline review 

2011 | Alexandra Enders & Tom Seekins
Journal of Public Transportation | PDF


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The New Freedom Initiative Transportation Program 

May 2010 | Tom Seekins, Alexandra Enders & Grace Silvia
Rural Institute | PDF


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Faith based organizations: A potential partner in rural transportation

2007 | Tom Seekins, Steve Bridges, Annesa Santa, Daniel J. Denis & Andrea Hartsell
Journal of Public Transportation | PDF


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Allocation and use of Section 5310 funds in urban and rural America

2007 | Tom Seekins, Alexandra Enders, Alison Pepper & Stephen Sticka
Journal of Public Transportation | PDF


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Accessible rural transportation: An evaluation of the traveler's cheque voucher program 

September 2006 | Linda Gonzales, Dennis Stombaugh, Tom Seekins & Devva Kasnitz
Community Development | PDF and online access


See Large Data Set Analyses: Transportation for fact sheets and research briefs that explore national transportation data.