closeup of sections of US disability map

Our maps use the American Community Survey and other national datasets to help us understand the disability experience and access to services across rural America. This work builds on past research to clarify working definitions of rural geography and develop resources to help people access data for their rural communities.

Geographic analyses are an essential component of our integrated research agenda as they lay the groundwork for our health, employment, and community living research.

Text descriptions and links to data files (where possible) are included within the map pages.  Please contact us to request alternative formats, or if you have ideas for further development of accessibility features.


Explore and download RTC:Rural's Disability Maps

Disability in America Map Series a collage of different mapsNational maps show rates of disability for every county in the U.S. on a variety of topics.

thumbnail image of Alabama general disability map on background of faded other state mapsThese maps show state level disability data on a variety of topics. 

heart cut out of mapSpeciality maps help better understand natural disasters, specific health topics, and more. 

Want to know if a specific county or state is rural? 

Read about different definitions of rural used by federal agencies and see maps on the Defining Rural page. 

Look up county-level disability and rural data using Disability Counts Data Lookup Tool