People with and without disabilities bundled up because of the cold walking along a sidewalk as part of a demonstration.


RTC:Rural engages in participatory action research (PAR). PAR requires stakeholder input at all levels of the research process to ensure that end products are informed by people with disabilities and useful and relevant for intended settings. Rural people with disabilities must be represented in decision making, including large data collection efforts that inform policy.

Tools, Resources, and Publications


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Evaluating MTurk as a recruitment tool for rural people with disabilities 

January 2021 | Catherine Ipsen, Noelle Kurth & Jean Hall
Disability and Health Journal | PDF; online access


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Community-based participatory research to adapt health measures for use by people with developmental disabilities 

2015 | Christina Nicolaidis, Dora Raymaker, Marsha Katz, Mary Oschwald, Rebecca Goe, Sandra Leotti, Leah Grantham, Eddie Plourde, Janic Salomon, Rosemary B. Hughes & Laurie E. Powers 
Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action | PDF; online access


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Using rapid scan to assess the need for a scoping review of the literature on the environment and disability 

2014 | Julia Hammond & Tom Seekins 
Environmental Contexts and Disability | abstract


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Participatory action research designs in applied disability and rehabilitation science: Protecting against threats to social validity 

January 2013 | Tom Seekins & Glen White | 
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation | PDF; online access