America at a Glance: Rural-Urban Difference in Disability Rates

March 25, 2022

Since the first release in 2013, disability statistics collected by the American Community Survey (ACS) have been used to better understand disability in America. For this research report, RTC:Rural researchers led by Lillie Greiman analyzed the most recent disability data from the ACS to examine what has changed over the past decade.

The key findings are that rates of disability:

  • Continue to be higher in rural counties.
  • Have increased slightly across both rural and urban counties.
  • Are higher in rural counties across disability type, age, race, and ethnicity.

Researchers say there are several factors that may explain the disparities. Continued research into these factors is critical to understanding how to better serve people with disabilities living in rural communities across America.

Read more about this analysis of ACS data and definitions at:
America at a Glance: An Update on Rural-Urban Difference in Disability Rates