Map of People with Disabilities impacted by Hurricane Ian in Florida

September 29, 2022

People with Disabilities Impacted by Hurricane Ian map showing population by county and locations of nursing facilities across the state. Tampa, Orlando, and the South-East corner are all highest population with between 119 thousand and 274 thousand people with disabilities in each county 

Quick stats: 

  • People with disabilities in Florida are being significantly impacted by Hurricane Ian. In fact, of the nearly 3 million non-institutionalized people with disabilities who live in Florida, 78% (2.2 million) live in counties with hurricane or tropical storm warnings. 
  • Even more Floridians with disabilities are institutionalized in the state's numerous nursing homes. Again, 78% (547) of the state's CMS funded nursing facilities are located in counties with either Hurricane or Tropical Storm warnings.

People with disabilities must be prioritized in emergency response efforts.

Below are some resources to support these efforts.

  1. FEMA updates
  2. Emergency Shelter status, including "special needs shelters"
  3. Power outage maps
  4. Partnership for inclusive disaster strategies

UPDATE (More resources): 

  1. FEMA, Federal Partners Continue Supporting Hurricane Ian Response
    From that page: Medically dependent residents of Florida who need electricity to operate medical equipment, transport services to be evacuated due to a medical condition or need help getting medication during a disaster can register for assistance at
  2. Red Cross: Find an Open Shelter
    1-800-Red-Cross or 1-800-733-2767