Building Networks to Expand Living Well Delivery: Project Update

June 17, 2020


We were excited to bring our peer-led self-management program Living Well in the Community to new audiences by facilitating partnerships between Centers for Independent Living and rural hospitals, and begun by teaming up with CILs and rural hospitals in Wyoming and Oregon for the first phase of the project.

And then COVID-19 struck, and like so many things across the country, we needed to adapt, as many hospitals and healthcare settings found themselves dealing with this virus and related difficulties. At the same time, it became dangerous for people to meet in person, especially when the disability community is most at-risk for exposure in this pandemic.

That’s why we would like to thank our CIL partners from Wyoming, Montana, Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina for helping us transition as we move to providing Living Well, as part of the Health Community Living Program, remotely to consumers online. Wyoming Independent LivingWyoming Services for Independent LivingMontana Independent Living ProjectFuture Choices Inc.Access II Independent Living Center, and Disability Partners are all gearing up to facilitate online workshops in their communities.

Partners for Healthy Community Living now seeks to get consumers with disabilities, many of whom are now facing great challenges due to reduction in community access, connected to peer support and resources remotely during this uncertain time.

Without the dedication and flexibility of our community partners, who themselves are transitioning to providing services in a new way, we would be unable to do research and provide products for the disability community.

So to all our Partners for Healthy Community Living, and all of our community partners, thank you!