Rural personal assistance services providers: We want to ‘see’ your story!

September 30, 2020


Rural PAS worker project flier. Text description below.

Join the Rural Personal Assistance Worker Project Team!

  • Attend a brief project training
  • Take 10 photos of your daily work experiences
  • Meet with the team (remotely) to discuss your photos and document your perspectives
  • Review and provide feedback on project results
  • Receive $50 for your time (4 hours total, spread over 4 weeks)

Participants will be able to review and approve the information they share before it is shared as part of the final project.

Why are we doing this project?

PAS workers are critical to the well-being of people with disabilities.

Right now there are serious shortages of personal assistance workers in rural communities.

Understanding PAS workers’ experiences is important in improving our understanding of how to support the important work they do.

RTC:Rural is partnering with the University of California, San Francisco (USCF) Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care on this project.


Sign up here: Rural Home Care Worker Study

For more information, contact Ari Lissau:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to participate in this project, you will be asked to attend a brief training on Zoom, but here are a few answers to common questions.

I’m not sure my client or consumer lives in a rural place. How can I be sure?

You can check here or if you think your client or consumer lives in a rural place, you can simply apply to be part of the project and we will verify.

Do you want me to take current pictures or can I use some from the past?

We prefer current pictures of your daily work life, but in some cases, it makes sense to use photos from the past.

Are you asking me to take pictures of my client or consumer?

We are not asking you to take pictures of your client or consumer. There are many ways to tell your story without taking pictures of individuals or private residences. If you would like to include pictures of your client or consumer or their private residence, you will need to have them sign a photo release and provide their contact information so they can also approve the way the pictures were used.

I don’t have a smart phone or camera. Can I still participate?

Yes! If you would like to participate, we can mail you a device to take your photos!