Working Well with a Disability workshop added to Healthy Community Living

January 15, 2021


We are pleased to announce that Working Well with a Disability has been added to the Healthy Community Living (HCL) program! Both the consumer workshop and the facilitator training are now part of HCL.

What is Working Well with a Disability?

Working Well with a Disability is a seven-week workshop within the HCL program for people who want to develop a healthy lifestyle to help get and keep a job that meets their needs.

Working Well with a DisabilityWorking Well with a Disability workshop participants can:

  • Develop healthy habits to manage health conditions, have the energy to work, and meet other life objectives
  • Decide on goals and a plan to achieve them
  • See how to reduce chronic pain, fatigue, and depressed mood that might slow progress


With an HCL license, your organization will have access to all of these workshops and trainings:

Please note: Because Working Well is now part of HCL, we will no longer be supporting the printing and mailing of Working Well manuals. Instead, we encourage organizations that wish to offer Working Well to purchase a HCL license.

Technical assistance will only be provided for the current version of Working Well. We also provide technical assistance for all HCL programs.

Learn more and purchase a license on the Healthy Community Living website.