Rural PAS project expands to nationwide interviews

May 28, 2021

The Rural Personal Assistant Services project is expanding its interviews nationwide to collect more information about PAS service delivery and experiences across the country.

The project, which studies how personal assistant services are associated with community participation in urban and rural places, is now conducting interviews with rural people who use personal assistance services anywhere in the United States.

Approximately 10 million people with disabilities receive paid personal assistance services (PAS). For many, these services are critical for social and community participation.

In many regions, there are not enough PCA workers to meet the needs of people with self-care disabilities.

Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) level thematic choropleth map showing three categories of number of PCA workers per 1,000 people with a self-care disability.

More maps and data on this need can be seen on the Personal Care Assistance in Rural America story map website from the University of California San Francisco and The University of Montana.

Are you a rural person with a disability who receives personal assistance services in your home?

We want to hear your story!

We are currently conducting a study on rural personal assistance services, and are looking for people to be interviewed over the phone or via video chat.

We want to learn about:

  • your disability
  • the types of personal assistance services you receive
  • what your workers are like
  • how you train them
  • about your general community and health experiences

If you decide to participate in this project, you will:

  • Complete a one-on-one interview (which will last about 1 hour)
  • Receive $30 for your time

Participating in research is voluntary. It won’t affect your services if you decide not to call about the study or decide not to participate.

For more information, contact Rayna Sage:

¿Es usted una persona con una discapacidad que vive en una zona rural y recibe servicios de asistencia personal en su casa?

¡Queremos escuchar su historia!

Estamos conduciendo un estudio acerca de los servicios de asistencia personal en áreas rurales y estamos buscando a personas para entrevistarlas por teléfono o por reunión virtual.

Queremos aprender:

  • sobre su discapacidad y el tipo de los servicios de asistencia personal que recibe
  • cómo son sus trabajadores
  • cómo los entrena usted y en general
  • sus experiencias de la comunidad y servicios de salud

Si usted decide participar en este proyecto, usted:

  • Participará en una entrevistauno a uno que tomará por lomenos una hora
  • Recibirá $30 por su tiempo

Participar en el estudio es voluntario. No afectará sus servicios si decide no participar.

Contacte a Rayna Sage para inscribirse:

If you’d like to share this information, please do!

PDF: Rural PAS May 2021 National Interviews Flier (English)

PDF: Rural PAS May 2021 National Interviews Flier (Spanish)