Student Administrative Assistant Description


Position Objective

 Assist SAIT staff with managing administrative tasks.

 Required Skills/Abilities

  1. Basic proficiency with computing software such as Word, Excel, and Outlook - this position does not require advanced technical skills
  2. The ability to communicate effectively verbally, over the phone, and in writing
  3. An understanding of group dynamics, collaboration, and effective teamwork 
  4. Willingness to learn and take on new tasks as needed

 Training Received

Training provided will lay a foundation of knowledge for the Student Administrative Assistant to work productively in the position. The Student Administrative Assistant may be required to attend intensive training sessions each semester with other SAIT staff. On-going training will take place at staff meetings and in-service training sessions.

 Specific Duties

  1. Scheduling and coordinating student staff for the SAIT Headquarters and Service Desk hours
  2. Time clock review, notification to supervisors of any anomalies, and sending reports for student payroll processing
  3. Monitor Support Tickets and Transactions
    1. Follow-up with SAIT staff and occasionally Student Affairs Tech Liaisons to keep work flowing
    2. Assess and report on customer satisfaction, ticket processing time, and inefficiencies in process
    3. Facilitate order processing
    4. Assist with student staff hiring and onboarding processes
    5. Assist with processes for assessing SAIT efficiency
    6. Other related duties as assigned

 Conditions of Employment

 As a condition of employment, the Student Administrative Assistant must

  • Be enrolled as a student, but limit course work to a maximum of 18 credit hours (12 credit hours for graduate students)
  • Maintain at least a semester and cumulative grade point average of 2.25
  • Not secure or retain other assistantships or part-time employment without consent of the SAIT Director. 

Staff members who do not perform according to the standards outlined in this document may be terminated.


 The Student Administrative Assistant shall work at least 15 hours a week and shall be paid at the hourly rate reflected in the signed contract. Total hours worked in campus positions may not exceed 29 hours per week

 Attitude and Commitment

Cooperate with other SAIT staff, and University staff in the Division of Student Affairs.
Show a positive attitude by demonstrating initiative, dependability, and responsibility.
Project a positive, courteous, and helpful attitude toward visitors and staff.  A pleasant and professional attitude should be evident while assisting coworkers.
Behavioral issues or failure to abide by the Student Conduct Code will result in review and possible termination.