TEC Role Description


Position Objectives

  1. Train and educate students in the use of technology.  
  2. Maintain weekly office hours at the SAIT office and service desk.
  3. Utilize campus resources to solve problems, answer questions and refer problems 
  4. Assist with Departmental support:
    • Maintain weekly contact with assigned departments within the Division of Student Affairs. 
    • Respond to technical support requests (tickets) from departmental staff within two business days of receipt. 
    • Troubleshoot and repair, or otherwise address technical issues for Student Affairs users, prioritizing requests via the SAIT Ticket System. 
  5. Assist students:
    • Work on student devices over-the-counter:  
      • Assist students in troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing their devices
      • Limit over-the-counter technical support to 20-30 minutes.
    • Work on checked-in student devices:  
      • Utilize ticket system to check in student machines, keeping accurate records of any changes or adjustments made.   
      • Troubleshoot, diagnosis, and repair student devices.   
  6. Other related duties as assigned. 

Other Opportunities

TECs are encouraged to join one of the following teams to further their technology related knowledge.

Media Team

Put your creativity to work! Media Team members are responsible for creating advertising slides, posters, and articles for our monthly newsletters. Additionally, Media Team members have the opportunity to manage the SAIT website and learn relevant media-related skills.  

SAIT Tiger Teams

SAIT works on projects that further the advancement of IT within Student Affairs. Task forces or "tiger teams" will be created and dissolved.  

Past Tiger Teams include:

  • Digital Signage using raspberry pi's
  • Thin Client management
  • Computer Imaging using LANdesk
  • SAIT Surveillance Team

Hiring and Conditions of Employment

TEC hiring for the upcoming academic year will typically occur before the end of spring semester. Related experience, ability to perform the tasks contained within this job description. As a condition of employment, the student must be enrolled as a full-time student, and be able to earn a minimum of one year of secondary schooling and a minimum of one year of secondary schooling. of 2.25. The TEC must complete at least 12 semester undergraduate or 9 graduate credits each semester. Staff members who may not be able to meet the standards outlined in this document may be terminated. 

The TEC may not secure or retain other assistantships or part-time employment without consent of the SAIT Manager. Total hours worked may not exceed 29 hours per week. 

Term of Position

The term of position runs during the semester of the semester of the semester. Positions will be reapplied for and renewed on a monthly basis depending on the objectives and individual performance of the TEC. TECs will receive information regarding re-hiring for the subsequent academic year before the end of spring semester. 


Each TEC works at least 18 contracted hours in the TEC's contract.

Training Received

Training provided will be a foundation of knowledge for the TEC to work productively in the position. TECS are required to attend intensive training sessions each week in the residence halls. On-going training will take place at regular TEC staff meetings and in-service training sessions.