Notification Dashboard Use

Student Affairs Notification Dashboard Usage

The UM Notification Dashboard application is designed to post messages into OneStop (the portal), targeting specific groups (i.e. specific majors or all students in a specific dorm). In addition, the notification system has the ability to send the message via email to all faculty, staff, administrators, and student Umontana email addresses. Currently, the application searches Banner for preset queries.

The subgroups that can be selected from Faculty, Staff, or Administration are as follows:

  • Faculty:  All Faculty/Tenure Track/No Faculty
  • Staff:  All/None
  • Student Employees: All/Grad Assistants/Resident Assistants/Other/None
  • Campus: Mountain/CoT

Students can be selected on a variety of criteria, including class level, campus, applied status, registered status, major and housing status.

This system can also send the message via email to all Umontana addresses.

We must bear in mind that in order to keep this system an effective communication tool we must not over-burden students, faculty and staff with messages.  We must reserve the use of this system for infrequent and important messages.  Annual satisfaction surveys or student flu shot notifications would be examples of acceptable uses.  Notifying people of events should be done using the Campus Events Calendar software.  The DEN is also an effective method of communicating with dorm residents. 
 - Notification Dashboard Guidelines/Procedures

Student Affairs Data Security and Privacy User Agreement

This document details the Montana University Systems employee end-user technology agreement. It is for employees to sign to affirm that they understand university security, privacy, and acceptable computing practices - NOTE: This is being reviewed by CIO Ray Ford to become a campus-wide policy