Umontana Email Alias Redirection

What is Umontana email alias redirection?

University employees who use email are required to redirect their Umontana alias to their primary work email account. For example, let's say your work email is, and your alias is If you correctly setup your alias to point at your work email, emails sent to will be redirected to


---Open your web browser, go to, then click the "Login to Cyberbear" button.---

Cyberbear Login

---Enter your ID and pin numbers. Once you are logged in, click "Personal Information."---

First screen in Cyberbear

---Next, click "Manage Email Accounts."---

Personal information screen

---Enter your primary work email, make sure "Employees: Check one account for email delivery" is checked, then click "Submit Changes."---

Manage emails screen

Note: It may take 1-2 business days for this change to process. If you need assistance with alias redirection, or if the change does not appear to have taken effect after 1-2 business days, please contact the DirectConnect Office for assistance.