IT Support During COVID-19

In order to keep in line with CDC guidelines and recommendations during the pandemic, UM IT Help has decided to limit in-person support and face-to-face help during this time. We are still here to help, providing remote support to all users, including students. Any questions you have can be directed to 406-243-2002 and 406-243-4357 from 8-5 Monday through Friday. With limited staff we are doing our best to answer any concerns you have and still provide the best IT support as we can remotely. While we do understand some users are still working on campus, we have decided to suspend our departmental rounds until further notice to reduce the number of bodies in one room. We will still do on-site support or meet up on campus with users. Please coordinate by calling or entering a ticket on

There are online resources available that include help with UM Box, Zoom, or FAQ's about COVID-19. Please visit the Keep on...Working/Learning/Teaching pages through the University of Montana for more information about these resources.