Tech Liaison Updates August 2009


  • We are short a System Administrator. We will be hiring again soon in the future.
  • Training for the RTAs will be starting. We will be providing limited support because of this through the 19th of August.
  • 32 vs 64 bit computers. 32 bit machines are sufficient for normal workstations. The DCO can help make purchases that best fit the needs of the department.
  • New SAIT web site. Do we want to have User News again? Any other ideas?
  • List of SAIT Contacts
  • IGEL Thin Clients. We are deploying new ones to RLO and UDS. We need to find out what sort of peripherals they can use (USB Printers, CD/DVD-Roms).
  • Time Management System. Around the beginning of October it should be under testing for RLO and UC student employees as a starting point.
  • IE8 Security Settings. How you can reset it. The DCO can assist with IE8 user issues.
  • Banner will be slow at the beginning of the semester. Log off Banner if you are not using it to reduce overall server slowness.
  • June is no longer working with us as a Web Designer. We will be starting the hiring process in August.
  • Need suggestions for times for the Web Committee meeting. E-mail Dan with times that work or don’t work.
  • Data Center. The Data Center has been moving along. Migration will begin after school has started because the room is still being constructed. E-mail the DCO with any questions.
  • Fam Cam. It’s located at the Source. There is a live feed to the UC displays.
  • Symantec Endpoint. We are working on implementing it. We will start with new machines.