Tech Liaison Updates October 2009

In Attendance:

  • Dan Bowling
  • Antony Jo
  • Luke Smith
  • Christina Voyles
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Christine Freelin
  • Diego Bejarano
  • Loren Spencer


  • FinDW has been retired. Please use UMDW from now on.
  • The DCO will be migrating all SA servers to CHC during winter break. If you would like your servers moved to the new data center, please contact the DirectConnect Office.
  • There will be updates to the VM host soon. These updates should interrupt anyone's work.
  • We are updating the web user guides. If you have feedback, please send it to
  • We are about to begin interviews for the student web programmer position. Please send qualified people our way.
  • We are working with IT to update the new CMS account process.
  • Let Dan know if he missed something during his recent absence.
  • Moving department websites to Cascade has become a priority. Let us know if you are waiting on a prerequisite to migration.
  • We are still waiting to hire a new systems administrator. Please let us know if you have someone you would like to recommend for the position.
  • Some departments are approaching their drive capacity. Please contact our system administrator for details.
  • A file archive is available. Please see our systems administrator for details.
  • Please contact Shannon in Event Planning for EMS account creation.