Tech Liaison Updates April 2010

In Attendance:

  • Luke Smith
  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Dan Bowling
  • Antony Jo
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Kate Oyler
  • Dan Burke
  • Ber Yang
  • Adrianne Donald
  • Loren Spencer
  • Christine Freelin
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Diego Bejarano
  • Kelly Speer


Server Migration

  • The problems with the water cooler have been fixed, so servers can now be moved into the server room.
  • Expect downtime notifications before we move servers. We will try to move servers outside of work hours.


  • Curry is almost 100% migrated to managed Symantec Endpoint.
  • We are working on a website to provide reports about managed client machines.

Software Upgrades

  • CBORD has been upgraded to a new version.
  • Banner has been upgraded to a new version.
  • Flash/Adobe updates have been requested by some departments.
  • Ninite is an excellent tool for automating many common installs and upgrades.
  • Please contact the DCO if you need assistance with upgrading, or are encountering issues with the new versions.

Ordering Parts

  • The DCO would like to give a friendly reminder to run new equipment by us before ordering. With another pair of eyes to check specifications on equipment, you can avoid potential headaches and unnecessary downtime.

Ticketing System

  • We are working on a new ticketing system to track support issues within Student Affairs.
  • Requests for testers will go out so

RTA Hiring

  • Deadline for RTA applicants is April 24th.
  • Adam Ormesher will be replacing Luke next year as an RTA coordinator.

Summer Projects

  • Please let us know ASAP if you have summer projects that you would like assistance with. Our summer schedule is filling up fast.

Web Announcements:

Student Affairs CMS and Cascade

  • We no longer fully support the old Student Affairs CMS. If you have not moved to Cascade, it is critical that you do so ASAP.
  • Cascade has an option to auto-resize images when they are uploaded. The resizing is very effective for the web. Contact Dan at x2008 if you have questions.

UM Homepage

  • The UM homepage is under evaluation. Talk to Dan if you would like to pass feedback on to the evaluators.