Tech Liaison Updates February 2010

In Attendance:

  • Antony Jo
  • Luke Smith
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Dan Bowling
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Adrianne Donald
  • Shane Heivly
  • Christine Freelin
  • Ber Yang
  • Becky Maier
  • Loren Spencer
  • Diego Bejarano


  • CAG Status: The Citrix Access Gateway certificate must be renewed annually. Campus IT switched vendors and SAIT is working with IT to fix an issue with the new way that certificates are packaged. If there are users who cannot get in, please have them call 243-2002.
  • The new UM Web advertising policy was approved by the UM Web Committee. The draft is now in Executive VP Foley’s office, for final approval. An exception request form is pending.
  • Central IT will no longer be hosting Wordpress blogs. They are migrating current blogs to a 3rd party solution. Call Dan Bowling (x2008) if you need a blogging solution.
  • Support for the Student Affairs CMS will discontinue on March 31st. Service will discontinue entirely at the end of the fiscal year, June 31. We urge you to contact Dan Bowling (x2008) ASAP to schedule a site migration to the new Cascade CMS if you haven’t already done so.
  • Student Affairs Cascade sites will soon have an SA prefix in front of their site name in the CMS. The prefix will help IT identify sites within the full site list.
  • The SAIT annual report is posted. It can be found on the links page:
  • If you need a new server, please talk to us about a virtual server option. Virtual servers will save you time and money. Contact the DirectConnect Office for more information. Or see brief slides here: Server Virtualization Slides
  • We are in the process of testing the managed version of Symantec Endpoint (SEP) on Windows 7. After we are certain that SEP Anit-virus works with Windows 7, we will step up our upgrade efforts for those who are interested in using Windows 7. Until that time, we advise not installing or running Windows 7 machines as they will be unprotected.