Tech Liaison Updates July 2010

In Attendance:

  • Adam Ormesher
  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Dan Bowling
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Antony Jo
  • June Noel
  • Ber Yang
  • Becky Maier
  • Kate Oyler
  • Christine Freelin
  • Christina Voyles
  • Chris Lynn
  • Mary Lee Vance


Windows 7

  • Will come on newly ordered machines
  • SAIT is still experiencing intermittent issues with logon scripts (mapping network drives) 
  • Adding a printer still requires admin access (will require SAIT support)

Office 2010

  • SAIT has the software and is still testing it
  • Access 2010 has had problems with some custom databases, speak with Antony Jo for troubleshooting/testing

SAIT Training

  • SAIT is conducting new employee training from August 9th until the beginning of classes and will have limited support time

  • Tickets should be entered for non-urgent issues, phone messages will be returned as soon as possible

Student Affairs Staff Turnover

  • Departments should be submitting a ticket to remove/disable accounts when an employee leaves or create an account when there is a new hire
  • We can provide current account information for staff audits if needed

Windows 7

  • There are currently scripting issues which include automatically mapped drives and printers
  • New computers will come with Windows 7

Office 2010

  • SAIT will be testing Office 2010 soon, departments should wait to transition after potential problems have been identified and resolved
  • A KMS (Key Management System) similar to Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems will be used; which means it will have to check-in with an on campus server at an interval to continue working

Ticket Tracking

  • New system is live for everyone and is now the only way tickets should be entered
  • url: then click "Support Dashboard"
  • Username and Password are your normal domain accounts
  • All department users will have access to tickets unless the department specifies otherwise
  • Ticket Templates are pre-populated tickets to help streamline several processes like adding a new user or computer
  • Feature requests: Screenshot submission, directory tie in

SPSS Statistic Software:

  • SPSS version 18 is available to staff for work purposes

  • Computers must remain on campus to work

Departmental Rounds

  • SAIT would like to know any preferences you have for the weekly round with the RTAs
  • The sooner the better!

Citrix Spell Check

  • Have user call when they are having the issue to resolve this as quickly as possible