Tech Liaison Updates May 2010

In Attendance:

  • Adam Ormesher
  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Dan Bowling
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Kate Oyler
  • Dan Burke
  • Ber Yang
  • Loren Spencer
  • Christine Freelin
  • Diego Bejarano
  • Kelly Speer
  • Shane Heivly
  • Jason Cowan


SAIT Staffing

  • The DirectConnect Office will have three full time RTAs this summer
  • Adam Ormesher will be an RTA Coordinator in the fall
  • Jason Cowan is now an SA Programmer
  • David O'Hagan will be leaving the SA Programmer's at the end of the summer

New SAIT Support Ticket Software

  • We are currently doing testing on our new ticketing system
  • The new ticketing system will include conveniences like auto-generated emails and ticket templates
  • To test this new system in your department please email Dan Bowling

Griz Card/Blackboard Migration Status

  • All door swipes should be working in the new system
  • Contact Griz Card with any door or POS device issues you may have

Student Affairs Staff Turnover

  • Departments should be submitting a ticket to remove/disable accounts when an employee leaves or create an account when there is a new hire
  • We can provide current account information for staff audits if needed

Windows 7

  • There are currently scripting issues which include automatically mapped drives and printers
  • New computers will come with Windows 7

Office 2010

  • SAIT will be testing Office 2010 soon, departments should wait to transition after potential problems have been identified and resolved
  • A KMS (Key Management System) similar to Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems will be used; which means it will have to check-in with an on campus server at an interval to continue working


  • It was requested that the Citrix servers' ODBC v9 be upgraded to v10, but not v11
  • Local banner machines need to be upgraded to Java 6_20 to function properly
  • ES has reported session disconnects and white-screen lock ups
  • NetIDs with an "a" suffix are for affiliates, "e" is for employees

Printing Reports

  • Printing reports were handed out with information about users printing over 500 pages in the last month
  • More customized reports are available upon request, like we did for Dining Service's leased copiers

Web Announcements:

CMS Updates

  • Student Affairs CMS will no longer be supported after the 1st of July, move everything to the UM Cascade CMS ASAP to avoid data loss
  • Link structures have changed during site migrations, please check your links to other departments' web pages, in the case that you need help finding these links, Dan may be able to do some crawling to find them