Tech Liaison Updates September 2010

In Attendance:

  • Adam Ormesher
  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Antony Jo
  • Dan Bowling
  • June Noel
  • Kate Oyler
  • Christine Freelin
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Christina Voyles


Network Drives and Archiving

  • For users or departments that are hitting their size limit, archiving should be used
  • Files that aren't currently in production can be moved to the _Archive folder to free up space
  • The archive drive (R:\) is read only, this means you must copy a file back to your P: or J: drive to continue working on it

Office 2010

  • Available for users/departments who want to begin testing their files with the newest version of MS Office
  • Anyone who uses Access databases should have someone move to 2010 for testing purposes, as some problems have surfaced
  • Any specialized documents should be tested i.e. Word or Excel documents with macro's or complex formatting

RTA Round Times

  • Please notify SAIT if the current round time isn't working for you, and we can reschedule
  • Adam will be around occasionally to check in about RTA performance

SAIT Staffing

  • Jessica Roberson will be out the week of September 26th
  • Dan Bowling will be out the 18-28th of October

The CAG (Citrix Access Gateway, i.e. MyStuff)

  • This server is being moved to our new data center in Curry

  • The move should be seamless, but let SAIT staff know if you are experiencing outages 

  • We are working on supporting Citrix connections on the Apple iPad

Web Announcements:

Cascade CMS

  • Cascade now has a different login page, but will function with your existing credentials

SAIT Ticketing System

  • Dan asked for feedback after some use with our new ticketing system, if issues are noticed please contact him at x2008 

  • Reminder: copying from a rich text format (Word, Outlook, etc.) may cause formatting errors in the ticket, a better method to copy and paste is to copy it to a notepad document (.txt), then copy and paste it from there. SAIT Programmers are working on resolving this.

MySql Server

  • SAIT now has a MySql database server available, so applications that require that can now be used