Tech Liaison Updates December 2011

In Attendance:

  • Antony Jo
  • Dan Bowling
  • Ber Yang
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Kate Oyler
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Brooke Hoareau
  • Jess Neidigh


Adam Ormesher is Leaving

  • Friday, December 23rd is his last day.

Campus Branding/Marketing is Putting Redesigns on Hold

  • MOM-Minds over Media-has been selected as the marketing firm. Please don't send the emails from them to spam.
  • Please wait on any website redesigns so no work has to get redone.
  • Dan was working on new CMS templates, but is putting that on hold until after the marketing research is done.
  • People should begin to get communications from MOM beginning the first of January for research
  • We're hoping to get graphics deliverables around May
  • Jed Liston is the contact person working with MOM for SA; check in with your director first before giving Jed any materials.

Citrix Test Users

  • If you have Citrix users who would be willing to test out the new environment, please let Antony know.
    • The new environment is Windows Server 2008, which looks and functions like Windows 7
    • Should be faster
    • Has Internet Explorer 9 and possibly Firefox
  • Hoping for spring semester deployment
  • Try out web applications, both custom and otherwise, in IE9

Exchange Issue

  • Occasionally, a user will have issues accessing other user's calendars or granting access to their mailbox resources.
  • This should be a quick fix.   If you are having issues, please let us know via support ticket.

New COT Online Courses

  • Short courses offered online for $89/class
    • Crystal Reports
    • Office Suite
    • Programming (Java, C#, etc.)

Public Folders Cleanup Update

  • Over half of the departments responded, we're currently working on cleaning it up.
  • Please let us know if there's something you know we can clean up
  • If you need access to a public folder, or need a public folder created, please let us know.

SAN Migration

  • New Quotas
    • Personal files (P:\) - 100MB/user
    • Shared documents (J:\) - 50GB/department
    • Marketing/media (M:\) - 50GB/department
  • Timelines for migration
    • Dec 16-17: saMarketing
    • Dec 23-24: saMedia
    • Dec 30-31: saFiles/saProfiles
  • Please make sure you have saved everything before the migration and do not have any projects or documents open.

Exchange Upgrade

  • Will happen on the 20th.
  • Will fix bugs.  

Crystal Reports Demo

  • Jessica will do classes for those who need additional training
  • Who needs access?
    • Please submit a ticket requesting access to the Crystal Reports server

Web Announcements:

Effects of IT Web Outages on SA Website

  • This happened during the Thanksgiving break
  • Data center was 107 degrees due to power outage
  • What was affected?
    • Main web server, which loads header and footer
    • Production web server, which handles redirects and searching
    • The web server is "sick" and might go down again
Select Survey

  • Who uses it? How much do you use it? Does it suit your needs?
    • The UC uses it a lot, but it doesn't meet their needs
      • Can't embed surveys into pages
      • "buggy" for users
      • Need people to upload files, which is not a supported feature
    • GCC uses it
      • Functionality is not there
      • They would like it to have the option to skip questions if they don't apply to you, not a supported feature
    • CREC - "not user friendly"
  • SAIT has bought into new assessment system (Campus Labs) which may meet some survey needs, but it won't fit some web needs
    • Has a mobile app feature
    • Survey only, more for assessment which you can combine into one report

New Web Environment

  •  The plan is to get it up and running over break
    • We, historically, were on a single dedicated server, but then we went to a virtual server
    • We're now going to a server "ecosystem"
    • Allows for a better testing environment with no downtime for users

Urchin Needs

  • IT provides a server, but not many people have access to it.
  • Different from Google Analytics, and can track files.
  • Do we still need Urchin?

    • no.