Tech Liaison Updates June 2011

In Attendance:

  • Dan Bowling
  • Antony Jo
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Kate Oyler
  • Christine Freelin
  • Jess Neidigh
  • Shane Heivly
  • Chris Lynn
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Adrianne Donald


Tech Fair

  • September 21st, 9AM - 3PM; UC Atrium
  • Fair that conveys IT resources on campus to students, staff, and faculty

Crystal Reports

  • Working on finalizing permissions and settings for the server
  • Everyone should have access to the client through Citrix custom applications
  • Optimistic goal is to have it ready and done by the end of summer

Potential Meeting Time Change

  • We will check calendars to see what works

Office 2010 Migration

  • Switch from Office 2007 to 2010 on Citrix servers happened over the weekend
  • Shortcuts to Office 2007 applications will disappear or break
  • A ticket must be submitted for a local Office upgrade
  • Outlook can be configured to work on home machines now
  • Call SAIT with issues regarding the switch

MyStuff (CAG) Upgrade

  • Getting new hardware and hope to have ready by the end of the month
  • iOS and Android devices will be able to run MyStuff (Citrix)
  • New look will separate Citrix desktops and applications
  • August 20th is an absolute deadline

RTA Training

  • Begins August 8th, runs for about two weeks
  • This means tech support may be sparse; please bear with us!

Virus Notices

  • Daily, prompt updates will continue instead of reverting to weekly viral notices

Symantec Endpoint Protection Updates

  • SEP 11.06 will be pushed in evenings or other times if requested
  • No one should be affected, the install is silent
  • Around December, SEP 12.0 will be tested and possibly implemented

New Inventory Software

  • If a suspicious background process called Spiceworks is running on a machine, that's just our new inventory software we're testing


  • Let us know if wireless is needed in your department
  • We will be talking to each department about website audits and standardized feedback

Web Announcements:

Widespread Web Page Display Issue

  • IT inserted new rule that conflicted with page formatting for many
  • Chatted with IT and removed the rule, everything should be better now

Temporary Web Developer Hiring Update

  • Still working with HR to make this happen
  • Have some good interviewees, some capable for job, just waiting on HR

Web Governance Group

  • One person from each department will be included
  • Group prioritizes web projects, needs, etc.

Potential Ticketing System Change

  • Making carbon-copy forms autocomplete was discussed
  • Making this a universal change wasn't found to be necessary

New Web Email Distros

  • Announce List - Primarily used for announcements of downtimes, emergencies, etc.
  • CMS Users List - Cascade users will be auto-added, used for CMS related announcements, training sessions, etc.
  • Web Governance Group List - Use for communication of WGG related topics 
  • Community List - Used for bouncing around ideas, discussion, sharing of various methods, and more

New UM Web Standards

  • Accessibility - Vids must be captioned
  • Design - New CMS standards, header/footer is smaller
  • New standards do not apply to pages only viewable by one's staff

Database Server Outage Last Week

  • Windows updates automatically applied and caused the server to be unresponsive
  • Simple physical reset solved the problems