Tech Liaison Updates March 2011

In Attendance:

  • Dan Bowling
  • Dan Burke
  • Jessica Roberson
  • June Noel
  • Kate Oyler
  • Christine Freelin
  • Jess Neidigh


RTA Staffing

  • Looking at about 4 new RTA's next year
  • Chase (supervisor) will be graduating this semester, Adam (also supervisor) will be here for one semester and may be doing special projects

Data Moves

  • SAFiles, our oldest storage solution, is having hardware issues and will be retired soon
  • Antony will be contacting departments that still have data to be migrated

Crystal Reports

  • Training is set for two sessions: Session A - April 13th and 14th Session B - April 26th and 28th.
  • Coordinate with Jessica to schedule a date if you are on the list for this training

New SAN (storage solution)

  • Limitations of our current SAN in addition to losing SAFiles has pushed our purchase of a second SAN

  • A date has not been set, but this new SAN should enable us to increase storage quotes


  • Blackboard is being phased out soon, though the date hasn't been set
  • If your staff needs assistance migrating away from it please contact us

Server Moves

  • SAIT will be migrating many of the remaining servers to our new datacenter over the next few weeks
  • Any affected will be contacted to verify that the times/dates of these moves don't cause undue disruption
  • Notable moves for many departments:
    • March 25th web server move from 9-11AM
    • March 28th SASQL1 (database server) 5-7PM

Exchange (email) Server Upgrade

  • Upgrade process and mailbox migrations will start next Monday
  • This process will last about 2 months, with some occasional downtime for each user during the process
  • Will will pass along updates as we receive them from ITC

SAIT Survey

  • In an effort to improve our service, we are asking that you and all SA users take our customer satisfaction survey
  • You can take the survey at [[]] No longer a valid link - keeping article portion for documentation purposes
  • It is also linked to from the UserNews

Web Announcements:

Database Hosting Service Level Agreement

  • This has been prepared and can be viewed here

Form building applications

  • SA Web programmers will soon release a form building application
  • Sends the info to an email address that you choose

Policy Training

  • The web programmers are offering a policy training class on April 1st at 2PM in the UC Alumni Boardroom
  • Following the training session, web contacts are invited to review the Web Strategic Plan at 3PM in the same room