Tech Liaison Updates November 2011

In Attendance:

  • Antony Jo
  • Dan Bowling
  • Ber Yang
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Kate Oyler
  • Melissa Steinike
  • Brooke Horeau
  • Jess Neidigh


No RTA rounds during Winter Break

  • We will still be reachable 8am-5pm for phone support, and will send RTAs to departments
  • No rounds Wednesday-Friday of Thanksgiving

Update on 25Live

  • 25Live is scheduling software that the Registrar's office purchased
  • Used for scheduling rooms, resources, etc.
  • May or may not replace EMS, depending on software functionality and limitations
  • Go to the Registrar's office now and tell them what your department needs, so they know ahead of time.

Tech Partners Meeting

  • On Tuesday, 11/22 from 2:30-4pm in the Gallagher Business Building 123
  • President Engstrom will be in attendance presumably to address concerns about IT consolidation

Public Folders Issues

  • Many departments experienced issues with public folders the week of 11/6, but the Exchange Admins worked on it and it should be fixed.
  • Please let us know if you're still having public folder issues, like with email or permissions.

Public Folders Cleanup

  • Take a look at your department's public folders and let us know if there are public folders that you are not using so we may delete them.

CAG Performance

  • What is the CAG? - Citrix Access Gateway
  • There have been reports that it has been running slowly, please let us know if you experience extremely long lag times.

Crystal Reports

  • Demand for BlackBoard and Empower access
  • Melissa will be working on who to give reporting access to
    • Direct access will not be granted, however reporting access will be granted
    • Database is not user-friendly
  • We need volunteers for Crystal Reports testing after Thanksgiving (reports and permissions)
    • Let Jessica know if you'd like to help
    • Please give feedback about policies and procedures
  • We can help unify databases and processes

Wiring Jobs

  • We have an approved list of electricians for Ethernet wiring
  • Please work with us so everyone follows the requisite procedures for both Ethernet and power
  • Facility Services is supposed to do wiring

Wireless Update

  • Walk-through with Reconnect was completed for CREC
  • RLO is going; hardware is in place and we will be producing information and instructions next week
  • We have Access Points for the UC, Lomasson Center, and Campus Recreation
  • We will hopefully have a quick turnaround after we receive a quote for CREC.
  • IT Central has a standardized wireless sign, we will find out about usage.

Changes to Hosted Databases

  • We have a service-level agreement
  • We published an update to it, but there were no significant changes, just clarifications
  • Please read it and let us know if you have concerns.


  • iButt and Dropbox
    • If anything is FERPA-protected or confidential, do not post it on iButt or in Dropbox
    • Account forwarding is not secure and therefore not recommended
    • Let us know if you need solutions, like access to your J drive while off campus; we can work with you.
    • Adrian Irish has a specific policy in the works
  • There are solutions for credit card storage; if you're storing numbers online or in an unsecure database, we can help you
    • POSs and credit card machines are fine.

Winter Projects

  • CBORD Upgrade
  • BlackBoard Upgrade
  • Empower Upgrade
  • EMS Upgrade (?) Brooke will update us; Event Planning should be testing the new version
  • Tech Lounge in the UC on December 5th; we're not helping set up or with support.
  • Improvements on the UC website; Dan and Gwen will meet.
  • Hardware Inventory
    • We will be working with your department for a computer/monitor/printer count
  • CREC lane-watching?

Web Announcements:

Web Environment Changes

  • Current setup:
    • We have a single server, appx. 4 years old
    • We're currently migrating to something newer
  • Winter Break (Dec. - Jan.)
    • We're going to start breaking things into groups
    • Will need to rest resources in the new environment
    • Let us know about specialized needs for resources
    • This will allow us to consolidate domain names

Cascade Server Upgrade

  • Will happen within the next month
  • We're currently testing, but let us know about specialized things you need so we can check functionality
  • Please contact Dan with questions

Web Templates and Header/Footer Change

  • Templates
    • We're again putting templates high on the priority list
    • Migration will start in January
    • More flexible and will work well with mobile devices
    • Will have to migrate by hand, think about a good time to copy things from the old site to the new site
    • This would be a good time to address changes and desired site behaviors
  • Header/Footer
    • Web committee has changed it
    • More streamlined and cleaner
    • We'll contact you about changing over

Web Developer Search Update

  • We're currently looking for a full-time web developer
  • The job description has been approved by Vice President Branch, so we're just waiting on HR.

Ticket Creation Issue Resolved

  • Ticketing system had issues at least from noon on Wednesday, possibly a full 24 hours before that, it has been resolved
  • If you notice something not working, please let us know

Cascade Bug

  • If you rename or move a page or folder without unpublishing them first, they will stick around
  • Dan will contact you about completely deleting your site and then republishing to get rid of orphan files/folders
  • If moving or renaming pages or files, make sure you unpublish first
  • We have a staging server so you can make changes then publish to the live server